DA Community Grant Funds Unique Art Program

A unique art program for students in the Juvenile Court and Community Schools is getting support from the DA’s Office through a community grant. Watch more in this video.

11th Homeless Resource Fair

A Homeless Resource Fair popped up in National City recently with court services, DMV help, child support and other resources that remove barriers for unsheltered individuals trying to move forward. Watch more in the video below.

Citizens of Courage 2023: Juan Fierro

After witnessing a DUI that ultimately left the victim in a wheelchair, he followed the hit-and-run driver and then alerted police to his location, leading to his arrest and conviction. Meet 2023 Citizen of Courage Juan Fierro, in this video.

Citizens of Courage 2023: Terri Miller

Working as a bus driver in North County, she stopped a man who was harassing a teenage girl on the bus, leading to his arrest, conviction and requirement that he register as a sex offender. Meet 2023 Citizen of Courage Terri Miller, in this video.

Citizens of Courage 2023: Carlos and Elizabeth Muñoz

After their innocent son became the victim of deadly gang violence, they started an organization where people affected by violence can get support. Meet 2023 Citizens of Courage Carlos and Elizabeth Muñoz, in this video.

Citizens of Courage 2023: Linda Martinez

She came to the aid of a man who was shot outside her home, providing life-saving medical attention, and calling police. Meet 2023 Citizen of Courage Linda Martinez, in this video.

DA Joins School Threat Assessment Conference

The FBI and the DA’s Office recently held a school threat assessment conference to improve on the current regional School Safety Protocol. See what was discussed, in this video.

One Safe Place– The North County Family Justice Center

We provide free support services all under one roof to anyone who has experienced family violence, child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, hate crimes, elder abuse, human trafficking, violent loss, or other crimes. At One Safe Place—the North County Family Justice Center— we provide comprehensive help in a safe and judgment-free environment that empowers people to move forward with their lives. Visit www.OneSafePlaceNorth.org for more information.

2022 Citizens of Courage Awards

Take a few minutes to feel inspired: Watch the full Citizens of Courage Awards, an inspiring virtual event honoring ordinary citizens who showed extraordinary courage in the face of crime! San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan honored four brave local heroes this week at the San Diego County District Attorney’s 31st Annual Citizens of Courage Awards, held every year during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. Once again, this event was held virtually on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

“Today, we’re highlighting the extraordinary courage of victims and good Samaritans, who were placed in dangerous and trying circumstances,” DA Stephan said. “We’re also shining a light on the thousands of crime victims our DA team has the honor of serving every year and the importance of supporting victims’ rights.”

This year’s Citizens of Courage recipients include:

  • Eddie Michel – Eddie is a facilities supervisor at San Diego City College who came to the aid of a woman being sexually assaulted on campus. He put himself in danger to stop the attack.
  • Bruce Mezan – Bruce was riding his motorcycle when he was hit by a drunk driver and lost part of his leg. He now speaks out in the community about the dangers of driving under the influence.
  • Rosa Martinez – During a mas shooting at a fast-food restaurant, Rosa called 911, ran inside to locate her daughter and offered help to victims who had been shot.
  • Oscar Stewart – During the shooting at a local synagogue, Oscar, who was unarmed, protected hi wife, stepdaughter and other congregants in the prayer room by chasing after the shooter and scaring him away.

Watch their inspiring stories in the video.


DA Proposes Plan to Address Homelessness and Crime

San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan today released new data about the intersection of crime and the county’s homeless population and proposes a three-point plan to address it. Two years of District Attorney data shows that individuals who are experiencing homelessness become involved with the justice system as victims and perpetrators at dramatically higher rates than the rest of the population.