Preparing for Virtual Court

​It’s a whole new world in court. Hearings have gone virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with all parties appearing remotely. Deputy DA’s Philippa Cunningham and Mary Naoom show us what that looks like in this video. [TWEET THIS]

Meet this four-legged detective

There’s a new detective in town and she works for a task force that protects children from online predators.

Meet Willow, the first Electronic Detection Dog in Southern California working alongside law enforcement. [TWEET THIS]

A Behind-The-Scenes Look

About 70 participants graduated from the 2019 Citizens Academy in early November. The program offers a behind-the-scenes look into the criminal justice system. See what participants had to say about their experience, in this video. [TWEET THIS]

Are you interested in participating? Visit this link for more information and to get on the interest list for the next one!

Here’s Why You Should Care About Insurance Fraud

Lying to an insurance company to get a payout is a crime and ultimately affects all of us who pay for some type of insurance. Deputy District Attorney David Bagheri explains more in this video. [TWEET THIS]

Getting Rid of Unwanted Ink

The DA’s Office is helping people move on with their lives by getting rid of unwanted tattoos.  Watch more in this video. [TWEET THIS]

A Unique Story

Meet Kelsey and hear about the crime that inspired her to start a journey to become a Student Worker at the DA’s Office. [TWEET THIS]

Learn more more about the DA’s Student Worker Program, here.

An Important Message About Child Abuse

District Attorney Summer Stephan had an important message this week for more than 2,000 employees of the Catholic Diocese of San Diego. See what it was in this video. [TWEET THIS]

Making Changes in Schools

The District Attorney’s Office is partnering with local schools on programs that help keep kids out of trouble and focused on their education. See how in this video. [TWEET THIS]


A New Team at the DA’s Office

There’s a new team of prosecutors from the DA’s Office working in the community instead of in the courtroom. This year, the District Attorney’s Office established a team of Community Partnership Prosecutors. See how they’re working to prevent crime, in this video. [TWEET THIS]


Honoring 42 years of work

Meet Peter Quon.  His distinguished career began in 1977 when the Pan Asian Lawyers Association was formed in San Diego.  See why he was honored this week in this video. [TWEET THIS]