What You Need to Know About School Threats

What is a school threat? How do you report it? What are local law enforcement agencies and schools doing to prevent targeted violence?

In this video, District Attorney Summer Stephan explains what is being done locally about school threats and acts of violence, what is considered a school threat and what you can do if you think someone is threatening targeted violence at a school. This was also the focus at the 2024 San Diego School Threat Assessment Conference, organized by the FBI and the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office at Qualcomm headquarters today.

This two-day conference will provide information, tools, and resources to assist San Diego-area educational institutions in preventing acts of targeted violence. The target audience for this conference includes school safety and student services directors and managers, mental and behavioral health professionals, and law enforcement personnel, particularly School Resource Officers and University or College Police investigators. Attendees are provided with resources and information to take back to their schools, districts, and departments to share.