No Cost Haircuts for Families in Need at One Safe Place

San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan said today that the no cost haircut service at One Safe Place: The North County Family Justice Center continues to be a success and is just one of many resources at the center available to victims of violence and abuse. Haircuts are provided at One Safe Place by volunteer hairdressers from local salons in the county.

“The idea behind providing this service is to empower and lift up those who are emerging from abusive or violent situations,” DA Stephan said. “Something as seemingly small as a haircut can help build confidence and self-esteem when taking on new independence in their lives, going to a job interview or just wanting a change to signify their past is not defining their future. We are grateful to the volunteers who provide this wonderful service and precious time to help those in need.”

[WATCH a video about the No Cost Haircuts at One Safe Place, HERE]

The small salon is attached to the Dress to Thrive Boutique, a space within One Safe Place where non-profit partners provide no cost emergency clothing in all sizes for families escaping abuse and for those in need.

“Many folks who come through our doors are coming on their most broken day or escaping abuse or violence in the home. They’ve been told what they can and can’t do, including what their hair should and should not look like,” said Tracy Prior, Chief Deputy DA and Chief Operating Officer of One Safe Place. “This is a place where they can choose for themselves an item of clothing to wear, or how they want to wear their hair or to simply gain confidence to take on a new independence in their lives.”

Since the opening of One Safe Place in July 2022, there have been more than 90 no cost haircuts given to guests thanks to several volunteer hairdressers who provide the service once a week. Debbie Duran from Top of the Line Cuts in Vista is one of them because she wanted to give back to One Safe Place.

“They helped me with my daughter, so now I feel like I need to help these kids and make them smile and come out with a haircut,” Duran said. “After I leave here doing everybody’s hair, I feel good, because I see these kids or their parents walking out with a smile. I can relate to where they’re coming from because I can tell them that my kids experienced trauma but were helped, and it makes them feel better knowing that they can go forward in life.”

Amy, who recently moved from out of state after a family tragedy, came to One Safe Place in search of services to help her and her three children get back on their feet. This haircut service was just one of the many resources that they received.

“It’s a confidence booster, it makes you feel good about yourself, you look clean-cut and you’re ready to take on the school year,” Amy said about the haircuts her three teenage children got at One Safe Place. “From the moment that we walked in and found out about all the services available and the support that is provided to moms and children, I literally told the person who I met with at first that I had felt so alone up until that moment.”

The volunteer hairdressers who make this service possible at One Safe Place include:
Maria Templeton, who owns Elements Salon in San Marcos, Amanda Roush with Lash Beauty Bar in Wildomar, Debbie Duran from Top of the Line Cuts in Vista, and Chanelle Simpson with Utopia Style Lounge in Encinitas.

One Safe Place, located in San Marcos, provides free support services to anyone who has experienced family violence, child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, hate crimes, elder abuse, human trafficking, violent loss, or other crimes. Child and adult victims of abuse and their families can walk through the doors and receive acute crisis-care, forensic medical exams, advocacy, counseling and therapy, legal services such as restraining orders, connections to a safe shelter and housing, long term mentoring, workforce readiness, clothing, and educational opportunities all under one roof.