Photo of Staff Development Coordinator Kevin Chheng for AAPI Heritage Month.

Meet Staff Development Coordinator Kevin Chheng

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we are highlighting compelling stories from DA employees and what inspired them to pursue a career in public service.
Meet Kevin Chheng, who works in the Human Resources Department of the District Attorney’s Office as a Staff Development Coordinator. In his role, Kevin administers and maintains the DA’s internal personnel database, he assists with personnel and administrative support services, payroll and he also coordinates student worker recruitment.
Why did you decide to work at the DA’s Office?
“The main reasons I wanted to work here is because our commitment to the community and being a part of an organization that not only serves and protects, but also values giving back to others is really important to me. This is a place committed to giving back to the community and where I know I can make an impact. There is a positive culture that always puts people first and creates an environment where I continue to be challenged and I am able to grow personally and professionally.”
Why is AAPI Month important to you?
“AAPI month is important because it celebrates our diversity and immigration rights in America. It also acknowledges the positive impact that Asian Americans have had here in United States. My cultural background plays a major part in my lifestyle, values, and beliefs. Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) month is important to me because it’s an opportunity to celebrate my cultural heritage, as well as a time to educate each other. Taking the time to learn about different cultures can help us all understand and respect each other, especially during this time of fear and confusion. It can really be an eye-opener on how diverse the world is!”