Photo of Deputy District Attorney Allana Platt for AAPI Month.

Meet Deputy District Attorney Allana Platt

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which is observed throughout the month of May, we are featuring stories of DA employees, what inspired them to pursue a career in public service and their contributions at the DA’s Office.

Meet Deputy District Attorney Allana Platt, who has been at the DA’s Office for the past three years and is currently assigned to the Preliminary Team in the South Bay Branch. As a prelim Deputy DA, her day to day typically involves preparing felony cases by reviewing discovery, speaking with victims, conducting preliminary hearings, and handling the felony arraignment calendar. Read more about what inspired Allana to pursue career in law enforcement at the DA’s Office, below.

What inspired you to pursue a career in law enforcement/ at the DA’s Office?

“My desire to pursue a career at the DA’s Office really developed while I was in college at Gonzaga University. While there, I received an education infused with Jesuit values. Throughout my classes, there was a strong emphasis on social justice and serving the community around me. I decided to pair that mission with my interest in criminal law and wanted to become a prosecutor. Additionally, my grandparents were immigrants from China and operated a cash-run laundry in Encino, Los Angeles. My mom and her five siblings all worked the cash registers starting at a young age. I always heard stories of the business being robbed, and my grandfather never reported the crime to police due to fear and distrust of the criminal justice system. Another reason I decided to pursue a career in law enforcement is because it’s important to me that the DA’s office reflects the community we represent.”

Why is AAPI Month important to you?

AAPI Month is special to me because I believe it’s important to recognize and celebrate the achievements of those in the AAPI community. Growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood and school, I always felt the need to assimilate. I failed to embrace my community and culture until I grew a lot older. I now understand how powerful and impactful I can be as an Asian-American prosecutor. But overall, AAPI month symbolizes the immense pride that I now take in my heritage, my culture, and my community.”

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