Local Students Design Interactive Game App

Local Students Design Interactive Game App

District Attorney Summer Stephan joined e3 Civic High and the Art Institute of California today to announce that a group of high school students mentored by the DA’s Office has created an innovative mobile phone app designed to inspire youth to make good choices. As part of their participation in the DA’s Youth Advisory Board, students at e3 Civic High researched and designed the app to address issues faced by young people such as addiction, crime, education and peer pressure. They chose an app platform so the outreach would be accessible and appealing to their peers, and because it is an easy way for students to learn about the consequences of their choices. [TWEET THIS]

The LifeMap app – a game about choices – was born out of a discussion in 2016, when students on the Youth Advisory Board at e3 Civic High began examining quality of life and educational issues they saw in their communities. Players in the game are given the option to make choices based on five scenarios involving issues such as dropping out of high school, graffiti tagging, poverty, and more. The game takes the player through various trolley stops through downtown, Barrio Logan and Belmont Park. Students designed and created the app with assistance from the Art Institute of California San Diego campus, which assisted with computer programming. It is currently available on Apple and Androidmobile devices by searching Life Map DAYAB.

“It’s not easy being a kid these days and these students have created a unique and engaging way to connect with their peers about real life issues,” DA Summer Stephan said. “The students who are Youth Advisory Board members across San Diego County are helping us connect with issues affecting youth and give our office a perspective that helps us in our mission of preventing crime and strengthening public safety.”

The students unveiled the mobile app today at e3 Civic High in downtown San Diego along with the schools’ administration, faculty, and parents.

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“Our scholars are being challenged to become the civic leaders of today and make a positive impact on the quality of life for all citizens, especially their peers,” said e3 Civic High’s CEO, Dr. Helen Griffith. “The expert mentorship provided by their involvement in the Youth Advisory Board is the catalyst that is training them to change our world. We applaud DA Summer Stephan for her leadership to ensure that our youth are seated at the table of transformation.”

Students researched each topic included in the game to come up with questions and answers.

“I learned so much more working with my peers than working alone during the creation of this game,” Youth Advisory Board member Anna Phounsavath said. “I hope this game is useful for other young people in that it gets them to think about the choices they make and how they affect other people.”

The first DA’s Youth Advisory Board was created in 2008 as a unique partnership between the DA’s Office and area high school students. Currently, the advisory board consists of students from Lincoln High School and e3 Civic High. Previously the board had students from Mira Mesa and Scripps Ranch high schools. Over the years and with adult support and guidance, students have produced impactful outreach and awareness campaigns that have earned a regional Emmy Award and the Diversity Youth Leadership Award from the City of San Diego’s Human Relations Commission. Through their perspective, the groups educate the community and the DA’s Office about current issues affecting young people and work to create positive change in the community in an effort to reduce crime. Each advisory board includes a diverse group of students from both high schools.

The students will be taking the game app to classrooms across the county, as well as and youth-centered organizations, along with information about resources that are available to help students succeed. [TWEET THIS]

Principals, youth directors and community leaders interested in this new game app and the related outreach campaign may request a presentation from the YAB by visiting their website at www.SanDiegoDAyab.com.