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BevMo! Resolves Pricing Case

San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan announced today BevMo!, Inc.has been ordered to pay costs and penalties in a civil law enforcement case alleging BevMo! posted prices in stores and advertisements and charged higher prices at the time of checkout. The company paid $347,034 in penalties and costs to resolve the case, which was filed and approved by Judge John S. Meyer of the San Diego Superior Court on December 4. The company did not admit liability.

“The DA’s Consumer Protection Unit works to make sure San Diego County residents can have confidence in the advertised price when they shop,” said DA Stephan.  “Actions like this are important to ensure that businesses deal fairly with their customers and compete fairly in the marketplace, especially during this busy shopping season.”

The San Diego District Attorney’s Office along with the District Attorneys of Riverside, Santa Barbara and Santa Clara prosecuted the case on behalf of the People of the State of California. The case stemmed from weights and measures investigations in eleven counties in California who documented scanner overcharges during inspections at different BevMo! stores.  The investigation revealed repeated instances of mispriced items on shelves as well as failure to charge the advertised price at the time of checkout.

Under the terms of the stipulated judgment, BevMo! has agreed not to commit future violations and to initiate a pricing accuracy program in California. Additionally, the company will provide refunds directly to impacted customers through their customer loyalty program. Members holding BevMo! customer loyalty accounts who live in California and purchased mispriced items during the time period covered in the complaint will automatically be credited a pro rata amount to their account. They do not have to apply for the credit.

BevMo! cooperated in the investigation and resolution of the case.