Citizens of Courage 2018: Shiva Ghaed and Taylor Winston

Taylor Winston and Dr. Shiva Ghaed are two local San Diegans who were at the Route 91 Country Music Festival in Las Vegas.

Taylor is an Iraq War veteran who acted quickly locating a pick-up truck, loading it with victims of the shooting and driving them to the hospital.   Dr. Ghaed is a psychologist with multiple doctorate degrees and specializes in combat trauma therapy with active military members.

Dr. Ghaed has started a support group here in San Diego to counsel local survivors of the mass shooting and even has traveled to Las Vegas to help survivors there create a support group. Taylor has helped Dr. Ghaed spread the word about this support group.

They all have invisible scars and are trying to help everyone with group therapy through the guidance and expertise of Dr. Ghaed.

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