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Meet Deputy District Attorney Isaac Jackson

In honor of Black History Month, which is celebrated throughout the month of February, the DA’s Office is featuring stories of employees and what inspired them to pursue a career in public service.

Meet Deputy District Attorney Isaac Jackson, who has been at the DA’s Office for over seven years. He is currently in the Family Protection Unit in North County doing Felony Trials concerning Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, and Domestic Violence. Read more about what inspired him to pursue a career at the DA’s Office, below.

What inspired you to pursue a career in law enforcement/ at the DA’s Office?

“I joined the DA’s office because I wanted to have a positive impact on my community. I grew up in Southeast San Diego, but I went to high school in Point Loma. Every day, I saw and felt the different relationships those communities had with law enforcement. It became apparent that a strong and healthy relationship with law enforcement is necessary for a strong and healthy community. I joined the DA’s office so I could help build that relationship.”

Why is Black History Month important to you?

“It is easy to connect with someone with whom you can identify, and it is human nature to shy away from the unknown. For centuries, this country vilified people who were different from those in power and we are still feeling the effects of that today. Black History Month reminds some and teaches others that Black people have made significant and foundational contributions to this country. It allows Black people to celebrate a heritage of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles and shows other cultures and communities that we are not so different. We are all human beings seeking freedom and acceptance.”