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Citizen of Courage 2024: Tiffany Murphy

Being a security guard is not easy and is often a dangerous job. Our next 2024 Citizens of Courage was working as an unarmed security guard for an apartment building in Downtown San Diego. On the night of the incident, a woman visiting one of the residents of the apartment building was brutally stabbed but managed to escape. When the attacker came after her, Security Guard Tiffany Murphy put herself between the stabber and the victim, endangering her own life but ultimately saving the victim and helping law enforcement arrest the attacker. Deputy District Attorney Yoni Fraenkel prosecuted this case.

Citizen of Courage 2024: Melissa Spinelli

What would you do, if you saw someone being brutally attacked as you are out walking your dog? 2024 Citizen of Courage Melissa Spinelli didn’t hesitate. She heard the cries of a young neighbor who was being stabbed on a sidewalk. As she approached, she was able to take a good look at the attacker and his car before he fled, and she called the police. Thanks to Melissa’s actions, law enforcement was able to arrest the attacker, who was identified as a former classmate of the victim. Perhaps most importantly, Melissa was able to stay with the victim and sadly, pass along his dying words to his family. Deputy District Attorney Helen Kim prosecuted this case.

Citizen of Courage 2024: Antonio Jasso

This 2024 Citizen of Courage witnessed a fatal hit-and-run incident that took the life of a 19-month-old toddler. If you’ve ever witnessed a hit and run, you know that sometimes it can leave bystanders in shock and paralyzed. Not Antonio Jasso. He had the courage to act fast and at his own peril, he carefully followed the driver and even got him on camera to make sure the driver was held accountable. It’s very possible that police may never have located the driver, whose criminal and reckless actions were so devastating to the victim’s family and the community. But Antonio’s decision allowed police to quickly identify and arrest the DUI driver who caused so much pain. Deputy District Attorney Hailey Williams prosecuted this case. Watch his story in the video.

Citizens of Courage 2023: Carlos and Elizabeth Muñoz

After their innocent son became the victim of deadly gang violence, they started an organization where people affected by violence can get support. Meet 2023 Citizens of Courage Carlos and Elizabeth Muñoz, in this video.