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Photo of a Judge's gavel and a gun.

Defendant who Murdered In-Laws Sentenced to Life Without Parole + 50 Years

San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan announced today that a 46-year-old man, who was convicted by a jury of killing his father and brother-in-law in Valley Center in June 2022, has been sentenced to two terms of life without the possibility of parole plus 50 years in state prison.

A jury found Christian Bobila guilty on March 20 of two counts of first-degree murder, including firearm enhancements for discharging a gun causing death and the special circumstance of multiple murders.

“This was a horrific murder that senselessly devastated an entire family,” DA Stephan said. “Although nothing is a substitute for the death of the two victims, I hope their surviving family members receive a measure of justice with the murder convictions and with today’s sentence. I’m grateful for the hard work and dedication of the DA team led by Deputy DA Daniel Gochnour and the service of the jury that heard the evidence in this case.”

The murders occurred over a long-simmering family schism that developed after the defendant married his wife without his father-in-law’s blessing. After a long drive from the Bay Area to Valley Center, the defendant — armed with a semi-automatic pistol — carried out his plan to kill on a Sunday evening in June 2022. The defendant executed his brother-in-law, Vincent Reyes, while he spoke on the phone, planning for an upcoming business trip. The defendant fired six rounds, striking Reyes three times.

He then proceeded to the upstairs bedroom of his father-in-law, Vicente Reyes. He found the elder Reyes in a recliner watching a movie while he enjoyed a glass of wine. The defendant told Vicente Reyes, “Three years…” referencing the schism in the family that developed when Bobila married Lylah Reyes-Bobila without Vicente’s blessing. Lylah Reyes-Bobila tried to intervene, but the defendant was determined to kill. Despite his wife’s presence, the defendant fired his pistol shooting Vicente in the chest and head.

After killing Vicente Reyes, Bobila went downstairs and told his mother-in-law, Carmelita Reyes, that her son was dead and pointed out to the patio. Carmelita ran outside and found her son, Vincent, face up in a ‘Just Married’ t-shirt, boasting a date just a few weeks before. The defendant fled in his vehicle and was apprehended a mile from the Reyes family home.