Victims of Las Vegas Mass Shooting Get Help from San Diego’s DA

The Las Vegas mass shooting undoubtedly left many victims in need of help and a variety of services to help them cope and recover. In response to the shooting, San Diego County District Attorney victim advocates traveled to Las Vegas to help. [TWEET THIS]

Two victim advocates from the DA’s Office joined other victim advocates and agencies from across the state of California and Nevada at the Las Vegas Family Assistance Center, which was operated by the American Red Cross from October 1 through October 20.

The DA’s victim advocates were there for one week, working 12 hour shifts assisting family members and victims obtain services such as crisis intervention, needs assessment, and assistance with filing Victim Compensation Program applications for funeral/burial expenses, medical expenses, wage loss, and mental health counseling.

More than 4,000 victims were assisted during the time the center was operating.

San Diego County residents affected by the Las Vegas mass shooting may qualify for local victim services and resources, including help paying for expenses associated with loss and recovery.

Many San Diego-area residents were at the concert and are victims of this tragedy. Some have created GoFundMe accounts and may not realize that, even though the crime happened in Las Vegas, they may be entitled to receive help from the state of California.

District Attorney Summer Stephan explains in this video.

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[Pictured above, the two victim advocates who traveled to Las Vegas give presentation to the rest of the DA victim services team.]