An Inside Look Into the Criminal Justice System: Citizens' Academy

An Inside Look Into the Criminal Justice System

Have you ever wondered how investigators use genealogy to crack cold homicide cases? Or what kind of training police officers get to de-escalate dangerous situations? Beginning in October, the public will get the chance for a behind-the-scenes look into how our local law enforcement agencies work. From the prosecution of opioid dealers to financial crimes […]

DA Releases 25-yeas OIS Analysis

DA Releases 25-year OIS Analysis

An updated analysis of officer-involved shootings in San Diego County is revealing commonalities in many of the incidents, including the time and day of the week they occur, the impact of drug use, and the use of less-lethal force. [TWEET THIS] The study shows that between 1993 and 2017, 451 people were involved in violent […]

San Diego Man Released from Prison 33 Years Early Under New Re-sentencing Law. Group photo of Kent Williams, his family and District Attorney Summer Stephan, Assemblymember Phil ting.

DA Initiates Re-sentencing, Releasing Inmate 33 Years Early

In 2003, 57-year-old Kent Williams burglarized two North Park homes and stole a car.  He was convicted of the crimes and because of California’s Three Strikes Law, at the time a judge sentenced him to 50 years-to-life in state prison.[TWEET THIS] [WATCH THE LIVE STREAM OF THE ANNOUNCEMENT] Earlier this year, Williams is believed to […]

Preventing Human Trafficking on 'World Day Against Trafficking of Persons'

Preventing Human Trafficking on ‘World Day Against Trafficking in Persons’

Every year there is an estimated 8,000 new victims of sex trafficking in San Diego County, making human trafficking the second-largest underground economy after drugs, generating over $810 million in revenue per year. To bring awareness to this worldwide issue, the United Nations’ designated July 30 “World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.” To commemorate this […]

Prosecutor Recognized for Prevention of Cyber Bullying, School Threats

Being a Deputy District Attorney is not just about prosecution, but also about protecting the communities we serve and live in through crime prevention and education. Deputy District Attorney Andrija Lopez was recently recognized for her tireless dedication on prevention against cyber bullying and school threats, by the San Diego County Juvenile Justice Commission during […]

Office Manager Convicted of 51 Felony Counts in Massive Patient Referral Scam

Service Members Scammed out of $4.8 Million

More than 100 active duty Navy service members, most of them enlisted sailors, were targets of a scam by a company known as Go Navy Tax Services that sold over 4,700 expensive, unnecessary life insurance policies under the guise of tax preparation services. To pay the premiums on the policies, the defendants fraudulently gained entry […]