Meet Paralegal Chanté Prettyman

In honor of Black History Month, which is celebrated throughout the month of February, the DA’s Office is featuring stories of employees and their contributions to our community. Meet Paralegal Chanté Prettyman, who has been working at the DA’s Office for almost seven years and is a paralegal within the Major Violator’s Team, which is part of the Superior Court Division. Read more about what inspired her to pursue a career in criminal justice, below.

Why did you choose a career at the DA’s Office?

“To be completely honest, I just happened to apply for a Departmental Clerk position after college and the DA’s Office called me for an interview and offered me the position. Once I came on board, I saw how everyone within the office had such a great passion for the safety of San Diego County and ensuring victims were most importantly heard throughout all stages of every single case our office laid hands on. I am beyond thankful and blessed that the DA’s Office has chosen me to be a part of this unstoppable team. The passion that I have developed for victims and their stories, truly touches my heart every single day, knowing that the DA’s Office puts them first is extraordinary.”

Why is Black History Month important to you?

“Black History Month is important to me and should be important to all, because Black History is American history. Therefore, to have a full month dedicated to Black Excellence is truly special, as this is a time to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions our Black Conquerors have achieved throughout history. By honoring historical Black People from all periods of history, within every area of their lives, struggles and successes, shines the necessary light that Black People are truly magical. Black History is being made every single day and it’s amazing knowing that when we come together and celebrate Black History, we are celebrating and amplifying achievements that are everlasting.”