Photo of Deputy DA Helen Kim for AAPI Heritage Month.

Meet DDA Helen Kim

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we are highlighting compelling stories from DA employees and what inspired them to pursue a career in public service.

Meet Deputy District Attorney Helen Kim, who is currently assigned to the felony unit in the North County branch.

Why did you decide to work at the DA’s Office?

“My family had lost our small business during the 1992 riots.  My parents did not know the language or the law, and as a young child, I witnessed my parents stand helplessly on the sidelines as their hopes and dreams were destroyed.  I realized this was a familiar story to many immigrant families.  I vowed to fight for victims who felt invisible and voiceless.  As a deputy district attorney, not only can I directly help those who have been victimized in a specific incident, but also indirectly protect future victims through legislation and case law.”

Why is AAPI Month important to you?

“AAPI month is important to me as it celebrates and honors AAPI who have contributed to the enrichment and progress of this country with sweat, tears, and sacrifice.  Racism against AAPI is not new, but with the recent rise of violence against Asian Americans, AAPI month is especially important to educate against stereotypes, promote diversity, and bring communities together.”