Photo of DA Investigator Bao Luu in honor of AAPI Heritage Month.

Meet DA Investigator Bao Luu

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we are highlighting compelling stories from DA employees and what inspired them to pursue a career in public service.

Meet DA Investigator Bao Luu, who has been part of the District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation (BOI) since 1993. He is a Commander who currently oversees BOI personnel assigned to the Family Protection Division and the Sex Crimes and Human Trafficking Division. Before joining the DA’s Office, he worked as a Deputy Sheriff and Police Detective with the goal of one day being a DA Investigator.

Why did you decide to work at the DA’s Office?

“When I was in the police academy in 1984, I had an instructor who was a DA Investigator taught a class.  During breaks, I spoke to him about his position and what DA Investigators do.  I was fascinated that there are law enforcement officers who work directly with prosecutors and, as a team, bring justice to those who are victimized.

I was a Theater major at UCSD, so I have always enjoyed interacting with people; law enforcement allowed me to interact with people in a way that could have a profound impact on their lives.  My favorite part of the job is that it allows me to use my creativity to solve a crime or prove a case.  Investigation and prosecution of a case take a collaboration of creativity to identify the suspect, gather evidence, identify victims and witnesses, and gain their cooperation.  I find the process exciting and challenging.”

Why is AAPI Month important to you?

“The AAPI community contributes to our society in so many different fields. I also want to celebrate and honor the struggle and sacrifices that families have made to leave their homeland due to wars or repressive governments to bring us here for a brighter future.”

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