$6 Million Grant to Help Prop. 47 Offenders

DA Stephan is Working to Stop the Revolving Door to Prison

San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan announced that a $6 million grant will go toward services and programs designed to keep individuals from recycling through the criminal justice system in San Diego County.

The three-year grant was announced at a meeting of the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday where DA Stephan explained how the District Attorney Office’s is involved in the grant-funded programs.[TWEET THIS]

“Within the justice system, we see people who commit non-violent theft and drug crimes triggered by their struggle with mental illness and chemical addiction,” said District Attorney Summer Stephan.  “This grant will help give them a second chance to recover and can lower recidivism, contributing to a safer community. Some offenders under Proposition 47 are repeatedly cycling through the justice system. These programs provide access to treatment and housing through collaboration with our justice and community partners and address the underlying causes of their criminal conduct.”

San Diego County Health and Human Services as well as the District Attorney’s CARE Center will link individuals to community programs and services under the grant. In addition to substance abuse treatment, the programs will link people to mental and physical health services and offer supportive services to meet their needs.  These could include job training, education, a peer coach, transportation or help with getting a government ID card.  Those with housing needs will receive a housing assessment and the help of a housing navigator.  The project will offer rapid rehousing, a service approach that has been demonstrated to work for this population.

In North County misdemeanor court, for example, a team – including prosecutors and defense attorneys –will identify people convicted of or facing sentences for drug or property crimes, for which substance abuse appears to be a related factor.

“These individuals will be offered an in person meeting with a service provider stationed just steps away from the courtroom,” DA Stephan said.  “They will not need to make an appointment or travel to another location.  If they are ready, help will be available right away.” [TWEET THIS]

The District Attorney’s CARE Center is also working to support the goals of the Proposition 47 grant program.  The CARE Center is a community hub for accessing services in Southeastern San Diego.  Learn more about the CARE Center in this video.