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99 Cents Only Stores settle HazMat case

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

99 Cents Only Stores will have to pay $2.3 million to settle hazardous waste case, 19 stores in San Diego involved in illegal dumping.

Improperly handling hazardous waste will cost 99 Cents Only Stores more than $2.36 million in civil penalties after a settlement was approved with the Los Angeles-based corporation. The discount stores improperly disposed hazardous and pharmaceutical waste products into company trash bins at each of the 251 stores and distribution centers in California, including 19 in San Diego County. Rather than sending the hazardous material to authorized disposal sites, they were being unlawfully transported to area landfills.

The San Diego County District Attorney’s Environmental Protection Unit and 28 other California District Attorneys worked together to investigate and prosecute the case.

“Our community landfills are no place for hazardous waste,” DA Bonnie Dumanis said. “Protecting the environment along with the health of our state’s citizens is paramount. Our Environmental Protection Unit did an excellent job working with our local Department of Environmental Health and other agencies to arrive at today’s judgment.”

he corporation must pay $1.8 million in civil penalties, $312,500 in costs and $250,000 in supplemental environmental projects.


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