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10 easy ways to protect your digital privacy

Thursday, May 7, 2015
10 easy ways to protect your digital privacy, social media, San Diego County District Attorney's Office

Social media is a great way to stay connected with long-distance friends and family.  It’s also a great place for crooks to get your personal information.  Here are 10 easy ways you can protect your digital privacy:

1.       Understand the privacy settings on social media sites and use them to ensure that private information isn’t available to the public.
2.       Turn off location based services on your mobile devices for features like photos and automatically checking in to locations.
3.       Have strong passwords that are unique and different for every account and never use the name of a pet, child, or address that someone could guess from your social media sites.
4.       Limit your social media “friends” and followers to people you actually know and have met in person.
5.       When using online dating sites, BE SKEPTICAL and don’t provide personal information until you have confirmed the person is who they claim to be.
6.       When conducting online transactions NEVER WIRE MONEY and if someone asks you to buy prepaid debit cards such as Green Dot cards, DON’T DO IT.
7.       When meeting people in person that you have met online through social media, dating sites, Craigslist, etc., meet in a public place and if money is involved strongly consider meeting at a police station.
8.       Don’t click on links in unsolicited email.
9.       If you receive a message from a financial institution requesting information from you, do not respond to the email or text message, call your financial institution directly and tell them about it.
10.   Use anti-virus programs for all of your digital devices, including smart phones.

For more tips and information, visit the Computer And Technology Crime High-Tech Response Team (CATCH) Website.




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