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‘Choose the Chip’ PSA Targets Credit Card ID Theft

Wednesday, March 11, 2015
‘Choose the Chip’ PSA Targets Credit Card ID Theft

SAN DIEGO - More than 10 million consumer records were exposed last year due to 738 data breaches in the United States, and San Diego is no exception; the District Attorney’s Office prosecuted 894 cases of identity theft in the county. 

However, there is a new credit card technology that can help keep consumer information more secure.

It’s called the “chip and pin” technology (or EMV), which is becoming more common among major retailers. These newer cards contain a microchip with a unique key for each transaction made, so if the information is breached at a point of sale terminal the card number cannot be used again. In Europe, this technology is already in use and it has reduced the amount of cases of identity theft.

To help consumers become aware of this new technology, the DA’s Office has released a public service announcement that aims to warn the public about the vulnerabilities of the outdated magnetic strip technology currently used with most credit cards.

“Consumers should be aware of the latest technologies available to help them protect their identities and their financial wellbeing,” DA Dumanis said. “If your credit card isn’t updated with the chip technology, consider contacting your bank and request a new card.” 

WATCH the PSA here.


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